Thought you should know, Bidisha’s Emotional Violence and Social Power has changed URL – Google ‘Bidisha Emotional Violence and Social Power’ for the new one – but there’s a scary new top line saying “details were changed following a terrifying legal threat” – presumably, China Mieville has threatened her with something. Urgh.



thanks for the heads-up, friend. what a charming human that mieville fellow is.

(background for people who didn’t already know, china mieville is a serial abuser, who manages to be a widely-respected author acclaimed for his ‘feminism’ despite writing appallingly misogynist books and, you know, abusing women on the regular. critically-acclaimed books, too, despite the fact that he writes pretentiously, with an overachieving highschooler’s love for summoning the most polysyllabic word for any given situation. i guess it just goes to show that literary critics will fall over themselves to fellate someone who can feed their most violent misogynist impulses while making them feel intelligent and cultured. you wanna read some truly rage-inducing bullshit sometime, look up the interview where he argues that what he did to Lin in Perdido Street Station was somehow feminist. also can we just reiterate that he abuses women, and then apparently harasses them with threats of litigation when they talk about it.)

I’m so horrified that I didn’t know anything about this. 

I absolutely believe Bidisha, and I worry about what will happen next.

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